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An assignment of money to a department, project or something else. For example, a government may appropriate a certain amount of money to its defense department to fund the department's operations for a year.


(1) Taking private land for public use,as by condemnation. (2) Taking public property for private use,such as using water from a navigable river for irrigation purposes. (3) Legislatively designating government funds for a project.

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For funds under the 2017 general appropriations act (GAA), allotment releases reached P2.
In no case, therefore shall a non-existent item, project, activity, purpose or subject of expenditure be funded by augmentation from savings or by the use of appropriations authorized otherwise in this act.
The Appropriations Committees of the House and Senate have jurisdiction over appropriations measures.
House and Senate finally began work on the FY 2011 Military Construction and Veterans' Affairs (VA) appropriations bills.
6 billion Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations bill funds a variety of programs and services administered by the Department of Defense, the VA and other federal agencies.
In this report, GAO (1) identified funding for GWOT in fiscal years 2004 and 2005, (2) compared supplemental appropriations for GWOT in fiscal year 2004 to the military services' reported obligations, and (3) compared supplemental appropriations for GWOT in fiscal year 2005 to the military services' projected obligations.
The FY06 Foreign Operations Appropriations Act (HR 3057) was signed into law by the President on 14 Nov 2005 (P.
House of Representatives for passing the 2006 Transportation, Treasury, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations bill.
Such work draws on many of the artist's earliest ventures, from his well-known minimally painted appropriations of texts culled from all manner of black history (James Baldwin's prose, or Richard Pryor's jokes) to his Notes on the Margins of the Black Book.
Members of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on VA, HUD and Independent Agencies closely questioned CPSC's Chairman and two Commissioners at a hearing on Feb.