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One who learns a trade or occupation by working directly under a skilled person. For example, an apprentice may study under a blacksmith to learn the trade. The apprentice may be paid a small amount or may simply receive room and board.


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For Dormer, despite a highly publicised recent dip, apprenticeships are still the engine room of the economy, and he highlights the way they can instil an important culture into the individuals undertaking them.
In Scotland, Microsoft has recently set a new target to drive 6,000 Digital Modern Apprenticeships by 2020 and double the number of female apprentices in the technology cohort.
Apprenticeships are more popular than ever before, oering a way to develop the skills of an individual that are specically desired by the employer, and gain them a qualication at no cost to themselves.
Collectively we are raising awareness of Scottish apprenticeships with young people and parents to increase participation and ultimately make Scottish Apprenticeship Week a huge success.
The expansion of Foundation and Graduate Apprenticeships is key to delivering this vision, as is the additional support were offering to rural areas, and key sectors.
The group will now continue to deliver apprenticeships at Coventry University and CU Coventry, formerly known as Coventry University College, and launch new apprenticeship divisions at its campuses in Scarborough and East London.
The Higher and Degree Apprenticeships are part-funded by the government and, unlike traditional apprenticeships, there is no age restriction.
The inquiry aims to explore issues surrounding modern apprenticeships, including: the validity of the government's 3 million apprenticeships target; the apprenticeship levy; how to improve take-up of apprenticeships among 16- to 19-year-olds; the proposed creation of the Institute for Apprenticeships; routes for progression to higher qualifications for apprentices; and the quality of apprenticeships.
Department of Labor announced the $200,000 grant June 2 as part of an effort to expand apprenticeships nationwide.
More than 25,000 people are starting apprenticeships each year, allowing them to take the first step towards a new career.
And with the National Training Federation for Wales' September report demonstrating a PS74 return for every PS1 spend on apprenticeships it is no surprise all parties are willing to secure and safeguard these vocational schemes in one way or another.
There have been 56,100 apprenticeships in Birmingham since May 2010 and numbers in the city are up by 23 per cent in 2014/15 compared with the previous year.

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