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A position in which one learns a trade or occupation by working directly under a skilled person. The student (called an apprentice) may be paid a small amount or may simply receive room and board.


a form of TRAINING which involves workers committing themselves to one employer for a period of time during which they are to acquire the skills of the trade, mainly through informal instruction by those already skilled (supplemented by some college-provided tuition). Once trained in this way such workers have a set of recognized skills which can, in theory, lead to employment in any organization in the industry. The apprenticeship system has been much censured because it can transmit outdated skills, because competence is defined in terms of time served rather than skills acquired, and because it serves to limit the supply of skilled labour. The employer may not recoup the costs of an apprenticeship in the long run because the apprentice, once trained, may leave for alternative employment. The long-term decline in the apprenticeship system in the UK accelerated towards the end of the 1980s as government removed many of its statutory supports, e.g. by abolishing the Industry Training Boards (established in 1964) and removing the right of those remaining to levy ‘taxes’ on employers to support training. However, mounting alarm about skill shortages led to the apprenticeship system being revitalized in the mid-1990s as the modern apprenticeship. This new form of apprenticeship leads to a NATIONAL VOCATIONAL QUALIFICATION, whilst progress during the apprenticeship is monitored more systematically (with reference to clear industry standards) than under the traditional system.
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In order to improve a competitive and performance-based sector in apprenticeship in the kingdom, it is necessary to implement the German dual apprenticeship system.
The time is right to attract public support for using an expanded apprenticeship system to widen the routes to career success.
Milloy said getting more people turned onto the trades, investing and enhancing the apprenticeship system has been a huge priority of the McGuinty government since 2003.
of Antwerp, Belgium) aims to show that the apprenticeship system used before the advent of modern schooling was a flexible and dynamic system in tune with the demands of an early modern economy by focusing on the Antwerp guilds from the 15th century to roughly 1800.
Employers like Premay are an important part of our apprenticeship system and one of the key reasons why our province apprenticeship industry training system is known for its success across the country.
Dofasco has between 200 and 250 employees in the apprenticeship system at any given time, and the company spends about $250,000 per apprentice, with most of the apprentices choosing to remain with Dofasco after their apprenticeship is complete.
This has heightened concerns about program outcomes and program quality in the nation's apprenticeship system and the U.
But the apprenticeship system proved so unfair and unmanageable that slavery was ended completely in 1838, two years before the apprenticeship period was to end.
As an industry new to formal Vocational Education and Training (VET) and as the largest employer of Australian workers, the retail industry plays a significant role in influencing the skill base of the labour market as a whole and represents an important example of the New Apprenticeship system in practice.
For years, organized labor has tapped into an apprenticeship system for their labor needs.
The Apprenticeship System had to ensure a peaceful transition from slavery to a free-labour economy.

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