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Duterte signed Del Rosario's appointment papers on Aug.
President Rodrigo Duterte officially signed Del Rosario's appointment papers last Aug.
Salamat and Velasco's appointment papers were signed over the weekend, as seen from the list of presidential appointees released by Malacanang on Wednesday.
The appointment papers of the new CA judges were signed by the Presidnet last July 8.
Erro, appointment papers dated June 13 released by Malacanang on Wednesday showed.
'We are prepared and we are trying to address last minute needs of our volunteers like their identification cards, appointment papers, and t-shirts, and establishing communication networks,' dela Vega said.
President Rodrigo Duterte Duterte signed the appointment papers of Fernando Borja, William Lima, Cheng Yong, Carlos Chan and Wallie Lee on February 26, copies of which were given to members of the media two days later.
But Ahmadi-nejad used his position as chairman of the Supreme Council on the Cultural Revolution to change the rules so that the minister of science, who oversees higher education, could sign the appointment papers.
Then he asked her to go to his home to check her 'appointment papers'.
Burris' appointment papers. On January 6, 2009, when the Senate convened, Mr.
Duterte signed on Monday the appointment papers of the new members of the CA, namely, Manila Regional Trial Court (RTC) Judge Alfredo Ampuan; San Mateo, Rizal RTC Judge Lily Joy Biton; Makati City RTC Judge Carlito Calpatura; and Quezon City RTC Judge Angelene Mary Quimpo-Sale.