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In order to find out how the loans increased, a simple statement called 'Sources and Application of Funds' should be prepared if it is not already available with the Ministry of Finance showing how the funds were generated ( Revenue/ Loans/ Grants/ etc.) and where they were used (Assets / Expenses) each year.
Shabbar Zaudi, a senior Chartered Accountant and sitting Chairman of Federal Board of Revenue, to help get this job done within few days by getting data from the ministry of finance regarding Sources and Application of Funds for the last ten years (2008-2018).
The city regions take advantage of the next round of EU funding to ensure the strategic application of funds in one part of a city region delivers benefits for other parts.
The cash-T compares the taxpayer's sources of funds to the application of funds identified on the return.
The cash expenditures or source and application of funds technique {Appendix A, Table 3, page 541) is an indirect method of proving the existence of underreported taxable income.13 It extends the cash-T method to include nondeductible expenditures.
Total application of funds - Total source of funds =

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