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Giving details about the alleged illegal appointments, the petition states that Liaqat Hussain, who is working as Supreme Appellate Court registrar, was serving as additional registrar.
A meeting of the representatives of the GB supreme appellate court bar association, high court bar association and district bar association unanimously decided to resist the move and termed it a violation of the Supreme Court's judgement and the Constitution of Pakistan.
The decision upheld by the appellate court involved PNB attempting to collect on the $230,000 loan.
Whether the GB Supreme Appellate Court constituted under the GB (Empowerment and Self Governance,) Order 2009 can be termed as a constitutional court?
Besides absolving Binay, the appellate court also ordered the reinstatement of Makati city hall employees Emerito Magat, Nelia Barlis, Leonila Querijero, Raydes Pestano, Eleno Mendoza and Virginia Hernandez.
The appellate court ruled that the settlement of a sinkhole claim via the appraisal process was sufficient to satisfy the first two requirements.
Gilgit [Pakistan], July 12 ( ANI ): Supreme Appellate Court Bar Association and the High Court Bar Association of Gilgit-Baltistan lawyers have said they will go on strike if the government elevates a lawyer from Mansehra who has the backing of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's daughter Maryam Nawaz and his son-in-law Captain Safdar to the vacant seat of judge in the Supreme Appellate Court.
The current appellate retention system is a pro forma ratification of appellate court judges.
The appellate court may grant preliminary entitlement to appellate attorneys' fees under Rule 9.400(b).
The ruling of the Appellate Court is final and may not be appealed.
The Rosentreters appealed, first to the trial court and then to the appellate court, arguing that the $151,667 apportionment to tract one was inadequate.
TUNIS, (TAP) - The Court of Cassation, on Thursday, ruled admissible an appeal in cassation in TV host Samir El Wafi's case and decided to invalidate the judgement of the Appellate Court and refer the case to the Tunis Appeals Court.