Apartment Building

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Apartment Building

A structure with several apartments in it. The apartments share a hallway or exterior walkway, though they are not otherwise connected to each other. Investors may purchase an apartment building to collect the rental income from tenants.

apartment (building)

A building with multiple residential tenants.
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Eastern Avenue Apartments LLC was the seller of the five-year-old apartment complex.
7-million, 48-unit apartment complex are also on the books.
One of the most complex projects initiated by the team proved to be closing down a drug operation in an apartment complex across from an elementary school in the target area.
Built in 1970, Sepulveda West is a garden style apartment complex on 1.
Displaying it in the property office of the apartment complex assists in attracting honest applicants, while deterring dishonest ones.
The PFOA found in tap water was from private wells and from an apartment complex supplied by the public water system.
46 million, 49 percent pari passu interest in a mezzanine loan made by GMAC Commercial Mortgage in conjunction with the condo conversion of a 344-unit apartment complex in Odessa, Pasco County, Fla.
At the end of February, the partnership paid $23 million for Harbor Grand Apartments, which at 192 units is the largest apartment complex in Lake Elsinore, Calif.
But USC sources said Carroll called Bob Leinart last week and informed him the Daily News inquired about Matt Leinart and Jarrett's living arrangement at The Medici apartment complex.
The same company recently took over the Palmdale Q apartment complex on Avenue Q and 10th Street East, where city officials said they had trouble with the previous owners failing to evict tenants who were dealing drugs and causing other problems.
The larger of the two is Manhattan House, which is a 583 unit, one million square foot apartment complex located at 65th Street between Second and Third Avenues.
brokered the sale of the 139-unit Villa Bordeaux apartment complex in Peoria, Ill.

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