Apartment Building

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Apartment Building

A structure with several apartments in it. The apartments share a hallway or exterior walkway, though they are not otherwise connected to each other. Investors may purchase an apartment building to collect the rental income from tenants.

apartment (building)

A building with multiple residential tenants.
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Barry Swartz arranged for permanent financing in the amount of $3,900,000 for a 4 story apartment building with 3 units and 1 store on Bleecker Street in Manhattan.
5,625,000 combined financing for a four-story apartment building containing 5 units and 2,200 square feet of commercial space and a five-story apartment building containing 30 units, located on the Upper East Side and Midtown Center neighborhoods of New York.
1,100,000 for a five-story walk-up apartment building containing 20 units, located on East 74th Street in Manhattan, New York.
2,400,000 for a five-story walk-up apartment building containing 22 units and 4 stores, located on Belmont Avenue in the Bronx, New York.
A $2,900,000 permanent financing was negotiated by Barry Swartz for a five-story walk up apartment building on Tenth Avenue in New York City.
5,200,000 for a six-story walk-up apartment building containing 26 units with 5 commercial units, located on Broadway in Manhattan, New York.
A new mortgage for $8,000,000 on two 6-story elevator apartment buildings containing a total of 128 units.
In contrast, Manhattan walk-ups and elevator apartment buildings experienced little turnover, with 1.

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