Apartment Building

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Apartment Building

A structure with several apartments in it. The apartments share a hallway or exterior walkway, though they are not otherwise connected to each other. Investors may purchase an apartment building to collect the rental income from tenants.

apartment (building)

A building with multiple residential tenants.
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I'm worried having an half-built apartment block next to my flat is going to affect its price.
Neighbours claimed the couple lived together at the modern Pall Mall apartment block.
Police went to the apartment block in the Mount area on Monday evening after a tip-off.
Sixteen of the properties, including the apartment block, would be designated as "affordable".
The original tree overlooked the High-field House, a Victorian villa which was controversially demolished two years ago make way for the new apartment block.
DOWN TOOLS Shane Filan's proposals for apartment block have been rejected
Our priority is to ensure that the residents and the apartment block are safe before allowing residents to return.
Cars and trams surge past the prow-like site which is anchored between a couple of existing muscular apartment blocks.
The new development, a 12-storey apartment block which has a mix of retail and cafe/bar on the ground floor, is situated on Suffolk Street, Queensway.
The pounds 2m first phase of the contract, to construct a five-storey apartment block alongside the former Rank Hovis grainstore at Lloyd George Avenue, was awarded to E Turner & Sons, When completed, the development will form 48 luxury apartments in the heart of the Welsh capital, comprising two-bedroom loft apartments and penthouses with rooftop gardens.
To contact the office, write to Apartment Block 243, Pair Rbis St.
A GOVERNMENT-backed scheme to help first-time home buyers get on the housing ladder has provided a major boost for a city centre apartment block.

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