Apartment Building

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Apartment Building

A structure with several apartments in it. The apartments share a hallway or exterior walkway, though they are not otherwise connected to each other. Investors may purchase an apartment building to collect the rental income from tenants.

apartment (building)

A building with multiple residential tenants.
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2,300,000 for a five-story apartment building containing 11 apartments, located on East 83rd Street in Manhattan, New York.
Yeah, something special is going on in this apartment building on Murietta Avenue in Sherman Oaks - something the music industry in this town should take to heart.
2,300,000 for a five-story elevator apartment building containing 21 units and 2 offices, located on East 81st Street in Manhattan, New York.
2) The new Premiere apartment building will open to tenants Aug.
5,550,000 for three five-story elevator apartment buildings containing 81 units, located on Beck Street in the Bronx, New York.
And 16-20 Marble Hill Avenue, a six-story walkup apartment building with 42 apartments, built 78' x 88' with 34,830 s/f gross.
Barry Swartz arranged a $10,000,000 permanent mortgage for a seven-story elevator apartment building in the Bowery.
A new mortgage for $6,110,000 on a 40-unit, 6-story elevator apartment building on East End Avenue in New York, NY.
3,000,000 for a five-story walk-up apartment building containing 52 units, located on East 196th Street in the Bronx, New York.
A new mortgage for $2,340,000 on a two story apartment building with 6 units and 3 stores on Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn, NY.

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