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The truth is, we are now in the information security age, and old-fashioned antivirus programs don't cut it.
Since this is a possibility, you should use an antivirus program that is set up to scan all incoming e-mail for viruses.
Use your antivirus program to run regular virus checks.
Tell your antivirus program to scan all files, not just those that end with certain extensions such as ".
Because antivirus programs can only identify the viruses they already know, they aren't effective against the 10 to 15 new viruses created every day.
The antivirus program would open each executable file on the computer and scan its entire contents for a current set of virus signatures.
The Kido worm, for example, installed a rogue antivirus program on infected computers.
lt;p>Before Handing Over Your Credit Card Number to McAfee<p>Both of these security steps will effectively protect you from many malware attacks, though they are not necessary if you already have an effective antivirus program (check out PC World's chart of free antivirus software) that protects against malware.
But perhaps the greatest challenge to antivirus program developers is that malicious code writers are becoming more savvy.
If I could do one thing -- if I were a business -- I would invest in an antivirus program," Musson says.
A lot of times, they'll load an antivirus program on their computer, and they'll think they're safe,'' he said.