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Paying what is owed before it is due (usually to save interest charges).


1. The payment of a debt in full before it is due. Prepayment is good for the borrower because it relieves him/her of the debt, but it deprives the lender of interest he/she would have received otherwise. As a result, some lenders attach prepayment penalties to loans to disincentivize prepayments. Prepayment can me a major risk to collateralized mortgage obligations as coupon payments are based on interest received from the underlying mortgages. Less commonly, this is called anticipation. See also: Prepayment risk.

2. Payment in advance for a good or service not yet received.
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Numbers of anticipations within each category were totaled.
The number of anticipations per participant ranged from 0 to 7 (M= 2.
Self-knowledge development--Thirty of the participants (2 3%) listed anticipations on the AACO-A related to the development of personal knowledge and self-concept.
For Synthesis, free response anticipations included "Give me a list of options to consider that I haven't thought of before" (n = 14), "Help me match my interests/skills with potential career choices" (n = 13), and "Help me narrow down my choices/fields I am considering" (n = 7).
Executive processing--Free response anticipations related to the monitoring and control of lower order information processing components included "Give me direction/focus" (n = 5), "Help me decide on a career" (n = 3), and "Compile my thoughts and interests in a sensible manner" (n = 1), whereas the item "The computer will help me develop a plan of action" was endorsed with strongly agree or agree by 69.
Investigation of specific results from both measures of anticipations (AACO-A and AACO-B) indicated that clients anticipated or believed that outcomes of using the CACGs might include increased options (Synthesis Elaboration), enhanced Self-Knowledge, strengthened Occupational Knowledge, and gains in direction and focus (Executive Processing) or narrowed options (Synthesis Crystallization).
4% who had miscellaneous or unclassifiable anticipations, and approximately 19% who expressed the faulty anticipation that the test would result in a person--career match.
First, because most GAGGs are designed to match the most common, appropriate anticipations clients have about these systems, career counseling practitioners could design interventions that would align clients' anticipations about the capabilities of these systems with specific GAGG functions.
For the unconscious implicit anticipation there is in fact little need for experiment.
In first experiment b) the unconscious implicit anticipation of "right angles" was used, which means that when meeting the obstacle rotating by 90 degrees is expected to overcome it.
With the conscious implicit anticipation two experiments were conducted, the first experiment was devoted to the selection of best predictor for the emotivector.
In this paper I have shown details of the unconscious and conscious anticipation from my 8-factor anticipation framework.