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The anti-globalization left has a vision of creating a more equitable society and it works under the assumption that the state, if run by the right people, is capable of bringing about such changes.
At the backdrop of anti-globalization and emerging protectionism, it is important for the Ten Plus Three countries to shoulder responsibility of remaining a vehicle for deep and practical cooperation and promote the East Asia community,' he said.
The meeting was not only blocked by anti-globalization demonstrators but also the host country's priority was "America First" and this was given full exposure in the domestic media, resulting in the failure to forge an agreement and in the loss of liberalization momentum.
History professor points to trends in travel, piling on destinations with little ongoing exchange, for new anti-globalization wave and diminished trust
The 2001 G8 summit was tarnished by widespread protests and police brutality against anti-globalization protesters and several trials have been held since.
BELGRADE: Serbia, where the scars of war and passions of an anti-establishment movement are still fresh, will stage the musical "Hair" for the first time in 40 years, updating the story amid the Iraq war and anti-globalization sentiments.
Intelligence gathered so far suggest that an alliance of anarchists, anti-globalization groups and environmentalists intend to bring London to a standstill during the event through stunts ranging from building giant sand pits in the streets to scaling skyscrapers in the city's financial district.
To facilitate the process whereby professors can select films depicting globalization for their students, Zaniello has categorized the films according to specific indicators of globalization, such as transnational organizations, global labor, global capital, digitalization, changes in the workplace, outsourcing and offshoring, deregulation and privatization, oil, scarce resources, intellectual property rights, China, containerized shipping, export processing zones, and anti-globalization.
Although this latest globalization started with great optimism and enormous expectations after the fall of the Berlin Wall, in 1989, by the end of the 1990s there was a worldwide anti-globalization movement with great power to mobilize 'global consciousness and solidarities'.
Mark Leier begins with a good point: the anti-globalization movement of the 1990s has re-kindled an interest in anarchism.
Freeganism, which dates to the mid-1990s, grew out of the environmental and anti-globalization movements.
Venezuela meanwhile, hosted the 50,000-strong World Social Forum, an anti-globalization event, where throngs of protestors--including U.