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Established in 2000, TMC Bonds is a premier fixed income marketplace, supporting anonymous trading across multiple protocols, including click-to-trade and request-for-quote (RFQ) in various asset classes.
TMC Bonds is a fixed income marketplace, supporting anonymous trading across multiple protocols, including click-to-trade and request-for-quote.
This should give added security to traders who might be reluctant to buy and sell on other exchanges that have no accountability and those that allow anonymous trading.
About 8 percent of virtual bank accounts for cryptocurrency trading have been converted to real-name bank accounts, a week after the government ended anonymous trading of cryptocurrencies, industry sources said Tuesday.
South Korea has therefore banned the anonymous trading of cryptocurrencies, and other regulators around the world are considering whether to do the same.
After South Korea banned the anonymous trading of bitcoin, the price of the digital currency dropped.
Abroad, the governments of countries like South Korea and China - where many of the cryptocurrency offerings and trading reportedly happen - have launched a crackdown on operators of virtual currency exchanges, with a view to preventing anonymous trading that has lured criminals to this sector.
Earlier this week, Bitcoin ( dropped nearly 10 percent after South Korea announced that it would no longer allow anonymous trading and would require people to use their real names when completing transactions.
OpenDoor's unique market-based solution hosts multiple, anonymous trading auctions, concentrating liquidity at certain times of the day.
In 2015, the NBU sold domestic sovereign at market prices through open and anonymous trading platforms (floors) at the PFTS Stock Exchange and the Perspektiva Stock Exchange.
"It is far more valuable to keep them independent to ensure clients are exposed to the best product experts in the most efficient manner." The bank's AES business was carved out as a separate unit for anonymous trading. "A key to the success we've enjoyed over the last 12 years has been the strict information barrier that is in place between the low-touch AES platform and the other high-touch trading desks," Patel explains.
Chi-East is an independent, non-displayed liquidity aggregator for the sell-side which supports the anonymous trading of select securities listed in Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore.