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An individual who receives benefits from an annuity.


The beneficiary of an annuity. Depending on the type of annuity, the annuitant may be the person who paid into the annuity, or may be a relative or other designee of that person, such as a widow or widower.


The recipient of an annuity.


An annuitant is a person who receives income from an annuity. If you receive a distribution from an annuity that you or your employer buys with your 401(k) assets, you're the annuitant.

Similarly, you're the annuitant if you take distributions from a tax-deferred individual retirement annuity or from an individual annuity you buy with after-tax income.

If your beneficiary receives annuity income after your death, he or she becomes the annuitant. It's also possible to buy an annuity naming someone other than the buyer -- a disabled child, for example -- as annuitant.


A person who receives a pension or an annuity.
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The mortality experience of the single life annuitant provides a convenient ex post measure of risk type; measuring the risk type of a joint life policy that insures multiple lives is less straightforward.
com)-- Secure Horizon Settlements, LLC (SHS), a forward-looking and trustworthy financial services company, recently upgraded their funding process to better accommodate annuitants looking to convert their settlement payment into an immediate lump sum of cash.
In fact, the expenses do not change that much once the annuitant member dies.
Here, we see that, per premium dollar, the typical male annuitant would have anticipated receiving an average of $0.
SRA s PeopleSoft and military retiree and annuitant payroll subject matter experts will work with the Defense Finance and Accounting Service to upgrade and implement the retirement pay system,
1] can be interpreted as the speed of improvement of annuitant mortality as compared to population mortality, where values greater than one indicate a greater improvement in mortality rates for the group of annuitants.
TROUBLED mutual Equitable Life has warned with-profits annuitants their pensions were set to drop by up to 29pc.
Our suite of annuity plans offer guaranteed monthly payments for life, the ability to access extra cash in an emergency, and premium protection features that ensure the total income an annuitant or their beneficiary receives will never be less than the initial premium amount paid," Duffy said.
Since the inception of HR Shared Services, we've been working hard to improve HR services for current employees as well as annuitants.
Wentworth has been accused of imposing encumbrances over non-assigned structured settlement rights that were never disclosed to the annuitant in the state mandated disclosure statement by either refusing to honor a subsequent court order or demanding servicing fees for entering into such an arrangement.
Though, as you know, there is a chance for the annuitant to choose which asset allocation strategies they would like (typically 10 to 15 different indexes are available to the annuitant) even though it is a fixed annuity.
Client transfers cash to the trustee of the trust who purchases a deferred annuity contract with the estate owner as the annuitant.