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ISLAMABAD -- It has been found out that Pakistanis on an annual basis consume cigarettes whose total value amounts to Rs 200 billion.
Bulgaria and Spain are the countries with the most severe decline in the construction sector on an annual basis,
According to the SBP report, charges of blood test, urine test and X-ray witnessed a 5-10pc increase in October on an annual basis.
06 percent on annual basis and rose on monthly basis by 0.
The manufacturers-cum-exporters of textile sector have been allowed to avail 1 to 4 percent drawback of local taxes and levies (DLTL) on annual basis taking into account the freight on board (FOB)-realised values of enhanced exports for 2015-16.
58 per unit on an annual basis paid in August 2014 and once the August 2015 distribution is paid, it will have increased its quarterly distribution to limited partners consecutively in each of the past 24 quarters.
However it has increased on annual basis by 11% compared to April 2014.
Total quantity or scope: - SAN amount of doors install base + - 2,900 doors, growth + - 20% on annual basis
Also, it was resolved that board fees to be paid on annual basis will be SEK1,650,000 to the chairman of the board and SEK550,000 to each director who is not employed in the group.
On an annual basis, the jobless figure was down by 227,736.
6 percent in July on an annual basis, official data showed Thursday, snapping two months of contraction that underlined plummeting output in Asia's third-largest economy.
2% on an annual basis in the January - April period.

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