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The Bank announced on Thursday that deposits in domestic financial institutions recorded an increase of 0.5% in August on an annual basis or 837.9 million euro, reaching 70.66 billion euro compared to 69.82 billion in August of 2011.
NEW DELHI -- Food inflation fell sharply to single digit at 9.01 per cent for the week ended November 12even as prices of most agricultural items, barring potatoes, onions and wheat, continued to rise, on an annual basis.
The Norwegian core inflation rate, measured as consumer price index adjusted for tax changes and excluding energy products (CPI-ATE), was 1.2% on an annual basis in July 2011, while analysts had projected it at 1%.
According to the statistics, the annual rate of consumer price inflation increased in May driven by food price inflation that rose on an annual basis by 5.9% from 4.4% during the preceding month and 2.5% during the same month in 2010.
On an annual basis, vegetable prices rose by 65 per cent, and onion prices nearly doubled.
After installation of MEA-approved products and submission of an affidavit of completion, building owners and managers must maintain a logbook that will be subject to inspection on an annual basis.
"We would be looking for an opportunity to review the operations of the entity on an annual basis, but they would have to have the autonomy to run the airport as they see fit."
And always review your financial plan with your regular advisor, on a quarterly or annual basis to ensure your financial goals are being met.
For annual wages of $1,000 or more paid after 1994, household employers are to report and pay FICA, Medicare, FUTA and Federal withholding taxes on an annual basis when filing their Form 1040s.
Although, activities of growing of vegetables (28.4%), growing of fruits, nuts and beverage crops (17.6%) and growing of cereals (13.0%) reported significantly high negative growth rates in the month of October, 2018 on annual basis.
On annual basis, production in the manufacturing industry grew by 5%, while power, gas, steam and air conditioning supply fell by 2.2%.

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