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Summary: MENA fixed income markets were downbeat this week, tracking US Treasuries move, with the US 10-year benchmark yield reaching its highest level in four years after a better-than-expected January 2018 jobs report showing the biggest annual wage gains for workers since 2009
Hover over the bars to view the number of new jobs projected and the 2016 median annual wage in each group.
Metrics included physicians' average annual wage (adjusted for cost of living), hospitals per capita, quality of public hospital system, and annual malpractice liability insurance rate.
Annual wage growth outpaced home price growth in 55% of the counties, including Miami-Dade County, Fla.
4 percent in the March quarter of 2016, rounding out the lowest annual wage increase rate since records started in September 1998.
The Queensland Government supports a real wage increase for low paid workers and a reward for overall productivity improvements in its submission to the Fair Work Commissions Annual Wage Review.
The average North West annual wage increased in real terms by PS374 from 2014 to 2015 - the first annual increase for several years.
Auto Business News-July 27, 2015--General Motors' South Korea unit signs annual wage deal with labour union
The contract will result in average annual wage increases of 10 percent over the three-year period of the deal.
The survey by EY ITEM Club points to a slowdown in consumer spending growth over the next two years as annual wage growth up to 2017 is likely to remain well below the 4.
The next closest was Washington, DC, where the mean annual wage was $40,940--nearly $7,000 less than in Alaska.
In 2008 the average annual wage was PS22,217 but as of last year that figure had only gone up by PS247 - a 16.

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