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The Apex court is considering whether to make it mandatory for all NGOs in the country to file annual statements before the authority which registered them CBI report says none of Delhi's 67,529 NGOs file statements Only 10 per cent of about 25 lakh NGOs across the country filed statements HAQ: Centre for Child Rights Supreme Court Advocates Association ( nonadvocates on record) Sales Tax Bar Association Chanakya Foundation Parivar Kalyan Samiti Heritage and Cultural Forum Hum Apke Delhi Wildlife Society Parivartan Citizen's Protection Forum Telecom Watchdog SOME PROMINENT NAMES IN THE LIST NGOs not submitting balance sheets SC PONDERS OVER TRANSPARENCY
The Central Register expects to receive annual statements from about 100,000 firms.
Annual statements can help you better manage finances and avoid excessive interest and charges.
It is thought that the annual statements, first mooted by Conservative MP Ben Gummer, are intended to show the amount of the tax take spent in certain areas which the Government would like to scale back.
As per the data from the Annual statements received, the highest number of newspapers were published in Hindi (7910), followed by English (1406), Urdu (938), Gujarati (761), Telugu (603), Marathi (521), Bengali (472), Tamil (272), Oriya (245), Kannada (200) and Malayalam (192).
When Smith Hardware needs a loan to make capital improvements or a line of equity to help it through slow times, the bank always accepts the annual statement prepared by the CPA firm but also typically asks for a current cash-flow analysis and a copy of the most recent income tax return.
A new annual statement will detail each household's current energy plan, yearly consumption and predicted bill, any discounts that are available and advice on how to change supplier.
The unaudited statutory annual statements are available on the Company's web site, http://www.
med-mal insurers, using annual statements they filed with state insurance departments.
13, 2004, the rules permit the use of values that should be readily available from insurance companies, because the cash value is an amount that, in the case of a flexible insurance contract, is generally reported in policyholder annual statements and, in the case of traditional insurance contracts, is fixed at issue and provided in the insurance contract.
But he said lenders should have to make their full range of products available to all borrowers,and include information on all their rates in their annual statements.

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