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They said the law allowing schools 10 per cent annual fee increase was unjust.
The Nation has learnt that the students and their parents are forced to deposit second year annual fee in advance in local banks across Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial, and Pasrur tehsils.
Muscat: The Ministry of Commerce and Industry urged patent applicants to continue to pay annual fees of their patents and contact Intellectual Property Department to avoid infringement of the right they avail for a patent.
In addition, the company would pay the transfer tax related to the part of the annual fee of the board of directors paid in shares.
The franchise paid Rs299.2 million annual fee to PCB, Rs201 million match fee, Rs2.5 million for kits, Rs52 thousand for hotel, Rs0.5 million for insurance, Rs19.8 million for salaries, Rs1.6 million to team management, Rs37.8 million for advertisement, Rs25 million for promotions while Rs2.2 million for media.
LAHORE -- The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has threatened to cash bank guarantee if Pakistan Super League (PSL) franchises failed to deposit their annual fees by 2 PM on December 3.
On the occasion of celebrating the fifth anniversary of Maisarah Islamic banking Services we are pleased to waive the annual fee on all Maisarah credit card.
MDA Chowk, security Rs 240000 and annual fee Rs 480000 for 100x10
However, annual fee structure would be contingent on throughput sales and market size.
When I received my statement in March 2018, I was surprised to observe charges for annual fees and then in April, I got another statement with late payment fees, which amounted to a total charge of Dh1,250 (annual fee of Dh1,000 and late payment fee of Dh250).
The aim was to inspect the institution and to know about the fee charging with regard to charging half of the tuition fee from second and third children of the same parents in the institution, charging of tuition fee during vacations for 30 or more days during vacations, increase of annual fee not more than 3%, charging of promotion fee, charging of transport charges during vacation etc.

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