Announcement date

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Announcement date

Date on which particular news concerning a given company is announced to the public. Used in event studies, which researchers use to evaluate the economic impact of events of interest.
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Announcement Date

1. The date on which a significant piece of news is announced to the public. For example, if a company hires a new CEO, the announcement date is the day it is announced to the media. As the announcement may affect the company's stock price, many analysts observe its performance on the announcement date and consider it a gauge of how the market will treat the news.

2. The date on which a dividend is announced. After the announcement date, the dividend becomes a legal liability and a company is obliged to pay it.
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Azmin was however tight-lipped when asked about the probable announcement dates for the Selangor Pakatan Harapan (PH) candidates.
The final decisions about candidatures under seat adjustment formula would came under discussion in the meeting would be convened soon after announcement dates for the elections, however, coalition partners in the KPK government taking the upcoming local government elections very important, source added.
There are stock market reactions at both the S EC filing and the WSJ announcement dates. This evidence suggests that the initial market reaction to earnings at the firms' SEC filing is incomplete.
Abnormal returns are computed around the SEC filing and the WSJ announcement dates for the sample firms to examine how the stock market reacts to firms' abnormal reporting behavior.
A second, related limitation is that because the earnings-announcement-period data identify the magnitudes of the underlying mean return and volume responses, our results directly pertain only to contexts in which the ratio of return to volume response is similar to that at earnings announcement dates. In other contexts where the ratio of return-to-volume response is greater than that for earnings announcements, the relative performance of volume-based tests should be lower than that reported here.
In addition, we used the MergerStat database (a commercially available database of corporate merger information) to determine merger announcement dates and the premiums acquiring companies paid.
Do Companies Adjust Announcement Dates? The survey includes questions on macroeconomic information to detect any interaction effects between private and public sector information release.
The Incidence of Insider Trading After Earnings Announcement Dates
More recently, traders attempt to game the index fund managers by getting in the game earlier (on the announcement date) and selling higher to index fund managers on the effective date (Luskin, 2000).
Techies in IBM's Rochester Labs were certain that May was the announcement date for V4R4 when they spoke to Computerwire, but IBM changes its mind as conditions dictate.