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Lot # 2: Animation Stand, management and delivery of specific hardware space bar.
Kurytnik became president of QAS in 1992 and one of his first initiatives was to purchase a real animation stand.
It was called Make Mine Music and was adapted from a feature-length cartoon film by shifting the peg bars of the four levels of celluloid drawings on the animation stand in order to separate the planes.
It's not in the mathematics, so it's your fault on the animation stand.
The camera is mounted on a large stand that resembles a film-based animation stand, and has an exceptionally large platform for scanning large items such as maps, and can do so in less than half a minute at a high resolution.
Shot on an animation stand and made without edits, this rhythmic hybridized etude celebrates the natural world and questions our aesthetic responses to it.
With sophisticated technology on board, including computers, video decks, digital cameras, and an animation stand, the Media Mobile provides a hands-on environment for students from all backgrounds and experiences to develop an understanding of the media, while at the same time teaching them to use these media tools in thoughtful and powerful ways.