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Individuals providing venture capital.
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1. Informal for angel investor, which is a high net worth individual who provides financing to a start-up, either in exchange for convertible debt or equity. Among start-ups, they are thought of as a bridge between loans from family and friends and venture capital, though angels are themselves often personally connected to the business. Angels take on a great deal of risk when they invest in these start-ups; they are also subject to dilution at the start-up's IPO. Therefore, they usually require a high rate of return in exchange for their financing.

2. Informal for investment-grade, which describes a bond with a medium or high rating. Angel bonds are rated Baa3 by Moody's or BBB- by S&P or Fitch. Angel bonds are considered sufficiently low-risk that the law allows banks to invest in them. In addition to being low-risk, they provide a low return, greatly reducing the cost on the issuer. All Treasury and most municipal bonds are angel bonds.
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So we find Angel Clare at six-and-twenty here at Talbothays as a student of kine, and, as there were no houses near at hand in which he could get a comfortable lodging, a boarder at the dairyman's.
The early mornings were still sufficiently cool to render a fire acceptable in the large room wherein they breakfasted; and, by Mrs Crick's orders, who held that he was too genteel to mess at their table, it was Angel Clare's custom to sit in the yawning chimney-corner during the meal, his cup-and-saucer and plate being placed on a hinged flap at his elbow.
"Put your right hand into your left hand preeches pocket, ten, in token ov your vull zubmizzion unto te Angel ov te Odd."
I was therefore obliged, much to my regret, to shake my head in the negative - intending thus to give the Angel to understand that I found it inconvenient, just at that moment, to comply with his very reasonable demand!
"Go to der teuffel, ten!" roared the Angel of the Odd.
Business angels have dominated the preliminary stages of investment as this evidence is sure about speculative estimates done previously.
Similarly, angels are a wondrous creation of Allah (swt) of the unseen world.
Let us remember that a third of the angels created by God were led by the angel Lucifer to rebel against God.
Grand Angels, a Michigan-based angel investor group, in collaboration with a consortium of Detroit investors, has announced the launch of Woodward Angels, Detroit's first Angel Group, the company said.
THE Angel of the North's wings have been turned into a 170ft vaporizer by a growing firm as part of their expansion campaign.
Angels do not belong to man's concept of matter, space and time.