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For example, the potentially DT personalities in Enron's leadership ranks (e.g., Andy Fastow, Jeff Skilling) should have been screaming red flags.
While Jeff Skilling, a larger-than-life figure, dominates his employees with an eye only toward the upward trajectory of the company's stock price, Andy Fastow is the devious brain behind Skilling, hiding the company's debt from its employees, investors, and Wall Street.
Then there were the accounting tricks devised by the firm's financial staff, most notably CFO Andy Fastow. One such trick that allowed the company to engage in a greater volume of oil and gas commodities trades was setting up fictitious companies to sell natural gas to.
The criminal acts of Andy Fastow, Enron's chief financial officer, blatant accounting manipulation and fraudulent financial reporting--as well as ineffective audit committee oversight and auditor Arthur Andersen's failed audit--were all factors that called for a regulatory overhaul in areas central to FEI's mission and purpose.
Financial director Andy Fastow feeds reams of paper to number-crunching raptors, share prices are beamed onto the faces of the cast and the board members consist of three giant blind mice.
Meanwhile, obsequious finance wizard Andy Fastow (Paul Chahidi) feeds the phantom companies that hide Enron's mounting debts.
Enron at Birmingham Repertory Theatre Born from the mind of writer Lucy Prebble, a light sabre dance by Enron executives: Main pIcture: Enron chief financial officer Andy Fastow, played by Paul Chahidi, is haunted by a real-life financial nightmare
Jeffrey Skilling Norbert Leo Butz Kenneth Lay Gregory Itzin Claudia Roe Marin Mazzie Andy Fastow Stephen Kunken With: Jordan Ballard, Brandon J.
P&GJ: Much blame has been placed with Andy Fastow's machinations for Enron's downfall.
It is alleged that Mulgrew and his pals conspired with the bank's former chief financier, Andy Fastow, over a crooked deal to sell shares in a company owned by GNW.
He is now likely to appear as a prosecution witness along with Enron's former CFO, Andy Fastow, who agreed to a plea bargain in 2003.
In Eichenwald's story, top executives Ken Lay (chair and CEO) and especially Jeff Skilling (president and briefly CEO) and Andy Fastow (chief financial officer) were very good at inventing intricate financial maneuvers that puffed up the value of Enron far beyond its actual worth.