amortization schedule

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Loan Amortization Schedule

The schedule according to which one repays a loan. The loan amortization schedule shows the amount of each installment and how much principal and/or interest is repaid each month. See also: Amortization.
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amortization schedule

A report that usually shows the principal and interest allocation of each monthly payment during the first year,the total principal and interest paid in each subsequent year, and the total interest that will be paid over the life of a loan. Download a template for creating loan amortization reports by going to the Microsoft Excel Web site at

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The loan will have an initial three-years of interest only payments, followed by a 30-year amortization schedule and will be used to pay off the existing loan with cash-out proceeds being used to continue remodeling the property.
Hartford Life, Hartford, Connecticut, provided a 10-year term and a 30-year amortization schedule for the borrower, AMB U.S.
Callies bought several investment properties through accelerated payment plans, but she is paying the mortgage on her current primary residence according to the original amortization schedule to keep one tax deduction.
(If an issuer does not need to calculate the OID separately, only one amortization schedule is needed to determine the total deduction for interest and debt issuance costs, lf an issuer, however, must report OID to holders or must calculate OID to apply certain interest limits, it will have to construct both schedules, because debt issuance costs are not considered OID.)
Therefore, the remaining principal balance of a debt amortization schedule under the rule-of-78 method would be greater than that of the unpaid principal balance method.
So you are allowed to force the lender to keep the loan on his books and to pay over time, even if the amortization schedule and interest payments are different from the original loan.
This loan features a rate of 3.5% with a seven-year term (and a five-year option to renew) in which the first three-years are interest only and the remainder amortizes on a 30year amortization schedule. Ayush Kapahi negotiated this transaction.
Both loans were based on a seven-year term with a 30-year amortization schedule and arranged for the borrowers, Trees of Kennesaw LLC and Tree Corners LLC, through NorthMarq's seller-servicer relationship with Freddie Mac.
The five-year, non-recourse loan has a fixed rate of 3.75% with a 30-year amortization schedule. The loan, closed with a local bank, is prepayable throughout the term on a declining scale and the Borrower has an option to extend the loan for an additional five years.
In addition, nonrecourse financing for a Best Buy in Metairie, Louisiana, has been arranged for $9,600,000 on a fixed-rate basis for a term of 10 years based on a 30-year amortization schedule. There is a long-term, triple-net lease with the tenant for the approximate 40,000-square-foot building, which is situated on four acres of land.
The loan features 170 BP's over the 10 year swap with a term of 10 years, 30year amortization schedule. Rex Grasso negotiated this deal.
The financing was based on a 10-year term with an interest-only for the first five years and a 30-year amortization schedule for years six through 10.