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"It was our hope that the Scottish Government might step in and help AMIS out with some gap funding or, in the interests of equality, even to explore ways in which some core funding might have been provided.
Owing to its existing credibility and superior-grade CloudFormations and AMI development techniques, the company soon will command a dominating position in the global cloud landscape.
Now nearing 70, Amis has kept his savage (or facile, perhaps, depending upon whether one is the target or the observer) political edge.
To a degree that is, I suspect, unique among novelists, Amis is quotable.
At the unveiling, Professor John Goodby of Swansea University's English department, said when heavy drinker Amis and his wife Hilary (Hilly) came to Swansea it was in an "almost un-imaginable era" - the days when rationing was still in force and university lecturers got paid a third of what they do today.
The vagaries of literary taste and fashionable mania for Martin cannot by themselves account for America's neglect of Amis senior, however.
On the subject of death, Amis said that talking about the novel being dead is as old as the novel itself -- and that he had read many an obituary by well- known writers about the death of the novel.
Peter Owen has reportedly scrapped publication and handed the rights back to Bradford, who is said to be trying to address the concerns that Amis has over the work and is seeking a new publisher.
He is finding women's liberation - where, as Amis effectively attests, the girls began to behave like the boys - almost too much to bear.
Amis was a brilliant journalist before becoming the bad boy of modern fiction.
Persons with recognized AMIs that occur in the city of Pueblo and Pueblo County receive care at two hospitals, Parkview Medical Center and St.