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At the same time equipment and supplies were being packed, about two dozen crewmembers received intense training in safety and advanced first aid as well as a general orientation about working and living in American Samoa.
Feist has been working in freight forwarding with Pacific islands, especially American Samoa, for 15 years.
Current dengue surveillance in American Samoa is passive and relies on clinicians reporting suspected cases to public health authorities.
Such a distribution has been documented on the islands of Upolu and Savai'i, but Olosega is the first settlement in American Samoa where clear indications of hierarchical leadership are present within the settlement pattern.
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Congressman Eni Faleomavaega explained in a May 20 press release that IRS business tax credits for operating on the island are ''no longer useful to companies doing business in American Samoa because a company can only take advantage of the credit if the company is operating at a profit.
Speaking from American Samoa, Alice said she felt lucky her home was on higher ground after colleagues at her harbour-side office told how they were lucky to escape with their lives.
AaUS President Barack Obama declared a major disaster in American Samoa -- a US territory -- and ordered federal aid to help recovery efforts, with a US C-130 military transport aircraft due to leave Honolulu for the tiny South Pacific islands.
WIPED OUT Scenes of devastation that were left in the wake of the tsunami that swept through American Samoa on Tuesday.
It was about 120 miles from neighbouring American Samoa, a US territory that is home to 65,000 people.
0 magnitude undersea quake off American Samoa, with reports of a small tsunami reaching New Zealand and rising sea levels in several South Pacific island nations.
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