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Based on an American model, a team of experts is employed to work intensively with youngsters who have complex behavioural and emotional problems.
Next to that is the fact that the American model of career has changed: We no Longer value Length and depth of service to any institution.
The efficacy of co-feeding as a means of maintaining Borrelia burgdorferi: a North American model system.
The doctrine of openness was supposed to usher in a safer and more peaceful world, as more and more nations embraced the American model or, barring that, found themselves under increasing military pressure to do so.
For instance, Mexico has a good educational level, but when it comes to graduate degrees and management techniques, it's probably very similar to the American model.
Instead of feeling compelled to choose between an American model and an African one, many blend cultures and take aspects from each.
We also must acknowledge that the wave of corporate scandals here has made it much harder to argue to foreign governments that they somehow ought to embrace a glistening American model of capitalism.
The Canadian sex-ed program based on the American model derided by Dr.
Engwall and Zamagni frame the book around four key themes, each of which is represented as various European countries adopted "the American model": resistance to the American model, the American model as a challenge to university education, the American model changing a German model, and the late adoption of the American model.
The empirical material underlying the book is collected from three different European countries -- France, West Germany and Italy -- along with information about the American model.
The North American model varies slightly from the Japanese model.
Renault now has no production and marketing foothold in North America and Renault Chairman Louis Schweitzer has said Renault could possibly develop a North American model for sale under Nissan's brand name.

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