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American Stock Exchange (AMEX)

Stock exchange with the third highest volume of trading in the US. Located at 86 Trinity Place in downtown Manhattan. The bulk of trading on AMEX consists of index options (computer technology index, institutional index, major market index) and shares of small to medium-sized companies are predominant. Recently merged with Nasdaq See: Curb.

American Stock Exchange

On October 1, 2008, it changed its name to NYSE Alternext U.S. Prior to its 2008 acquisition by NYSE Euronext, the American Stock Exchange was a mutually owned stock exchange located in Manhattan. Of the three main U.S. stock exchanges, it has the most liberal policies on company listing, having more small companies than either the NYSE or NASDAQ. As a result, it is smaller than either of those stock exchanges by trading volume, handling only about 10% of American securities.

American Stock Exchange (AMEX).

The AMEX is the second-largest floor-based stock exchange in the United States after the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

It operates an auction market in stocks (including overseas stocks), exchange traded funds, and derivatives, including options on many NYSE-traded and over-the-counter (OTC) stocks.

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An assembly will be held in the spring term for any Year 10 student who feels that they could represent our school in the following year's American exchange.
A wholly owned subsidiary of First American Title Insurance Company, First American Exchange Company is a leading national provider of 1031 exchange intermediary services.
Headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, Western American Exchange Corporation is the national leader in tax deferred property exchanges.
Merrimac is listed as MRM on the American Exchange.
General Stafford sits on nine boards of directors, including one American Exchange and six New York Stock Exchange companies.
ALC Communications Corporation common stock is traded on the American Exchange under the symbol ALC.
Insteel began trading publicly on the NASDAQ National Market System in 1985 and switched to the American Exchange in 1988.
The addition of the equity exchanges of TSX Group marks eight North American exchanges to take advantage of TNS' superior network capability.
American exchanges offer mostly non-hazardous supplies, such as used wood, rubber, corrugated containers and paper.
OTCBB:QMCI), a leading provider of market data, corporate research information and financial applications, today announced the addition of more than 40 new European, Asian and South American Exchanges to its data provisioning.
The Vancouver market lost steam as did other North American exchanges in April, May and June.
Currently, the TSE does 57% of the trading in TSE 300 Index stocks that are listed in Toronto and traded on other North American exchanges or NASDAQ.

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