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An option spread with unusually large commissions for the involved broker(s). In an alligator, the commissions are so large that the potential profit from the spread is not worth the expense. In such a situation, the investor holding the spread is said to be "eaten alive."


An option spread in which the commissions are so large a part of any potential profit that the investor gets eaten alive. Obviously, alligator spreads are of greater benefit to the broker than to the investor.
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Although scientists are still debating how the North American alligator catches the disease, the species now appears on the official roster kept by the National Wildlife Health Center in Madison, Wis.
The American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) was once commonly found in the southeastern United States (McIlhenny 1935; Vaughn 1991).
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Another conference presenter, Hans Paerl, Kenan Professor of Marine and Environmental Sciences at the University of North Carolina's Institute of Marine Sciences, has helped investigate Florida's toxic algal blooms, which are the prime suspect in die-offs of American alligators on Lake Griffin, in the center of the state.
Even huge American alligators, once endangered and now thriving because of man's timely care, call "Manatees: The Last Generation?
Under this designation, which is intended to protect other listed species that bear a resemblance, commercial take of American alligators is regulated by the states, while export of tagged skins or hides falls under federal jurisdiction.
JULY 18-NOV 27 Humpbacked whales sing, red backed salamanders sniff, American alligators blow bubblesxI these are just some of the fascinating courting ploys to be found in the animal world.
She learned to pack small young American alligators in pillowcases.
American alligators live in the Southeast, mainly in areas ranging from the southern tip of Texas to North Carolina.
American alligators live in south eastern areas, such as Florida and Louisiana.

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