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The PIA National Company Award of Excellence honors a company for its commitment to PIA, to the American Agency System and to furthering the interests of professional insurance agents by creating a better business environment.
Alba Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes those individuals who for many years have demonstrated their commitment through exceptional service to the Big "I" associations and the American Agency System as a whole.
This dichotomy has me comparing our extremes in the American agency system and in the insurance industry as a whole.
Underwriters need to look at the ways to recreate the success of the American agency system, but with the mantra of better, faster, and cheaper.
She has more than 25 years of experience in the American agency system as a leader, author and trainer.
In my nearly three decades in the American agency system, I have seen a new crisis every few years--and many of you have seen them, too.
Concerns expressed earlier this year by the Independent Insurance Agents of America about the long-term health of the American Agency System recently got a response from the chief executive of a major insurer.
Clark wrote, "The Local Agent believes in the American agency system .
When you just had to do things that hurt," said he, "and when you see men take a blow as they did, you know that they are real men and that you don't have to worry about the survival of the American agency system.
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