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Fourth quarter revenue growth will be modulated by unit demand for Am486 microprocessors which is difficult to predict accurately in transition.
The logos will appear first on the enhanced members of AMD's Am486 microprocessor family.
AMD's high performance Am486 microprocessors, combined with Windows 95, provide a powerful combination for any PC user," said Carl Stork, director of Microsoft's Windows Hardware Programs.
5 micron process technology, will begin shipments of Am486 microprocessors for revenues in the third quarter.
1 million 100 MHz Am486 microprocessors and a record 2.
AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 5, 1995--Advanced Micro Devices today announced the availability of enhanced members of its Am486 microprocessor family, including a 120 MHz version, the industry's highest performance 486 device.
AUSTIN, Texas--May 9, 1995--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Advanced Micro Devices announced today that Hewlett-Packard Company will begin producing systems powered by AMD's Am486 microprocessors.