alternative order

Alternative order

Used in context of general equities. Order giving a broker a choice between two courses of action, either to buy or sell, never both. Execution of one course automatically eliminates the other. An example is a combination buy limit/ buy stop order, where the buy limit is below the current market and the buy stop is above. If the order is for one unit of trading, when one part of the order is executed on the occurrence of one alternative, the order on the other alternative is to be treated as cancelled. If the order is for an amount of more than one unit of trading, the number of units executed determines the amount of the alternative order to be treated as cancelled. Sometimes known as One Cancels the Other. Also see: Either-or order.
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One-Cancels-the-Other Order

An order to conduct two transactions such that, if one transaction is done, then the other is cancelled. For example, an investor may wish to buy both stocks and bonds at a certain price. If the price becomes available for bonds first, that part of the order is filled while the order to buy stocks is cancelled. OCO orders may apply to different types of securities or even to different types or orders; for example, one may contain both stop-loss orders and limit orders. OCO orders are useful to investors who have limited funds and perhaps are unsure about the market's direction at a given time. It is also called an either-or order.
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alternative order

A customer order that instructs a broker to complete only one of two possible transactions. For example, an investor holding shares of USX Corp. that were acquired at $45 may have a price target of $75 but may wish to limit any losses to a maximum of $5 per share. The investor would place a limit order to sell at $75 and a stop order to sell at $40. Whichever occurs first will trigger a transaction and cancel the other part of the order. Also called combination order, either-or order, one-cancels-the-other order.
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The most common punishment - after immediate custody - was an alternative order, such as a confiscation order or disqualification from driving.
Vito went to court to compel Finn to execute a written lease contract for five years, deducting from the deposit and rent the cost of, or in the alternative order Finn to return his investment and compensate for his unearned net income with interest, plus attorney's fees.
John Iken-berry, Kirisci defines the U.S.-led order as an "international liberal order," and puts forward that this order is encountering "challenges from within, as both the United States and the EU [European Union] [have] experienced economic difficulties, and challenges from outside powers, especially China and Russia, which sought an alternative order" (p.
"He understands he has created this situation but would comply with any alternative order the court could make."
The result wasn't an alternative order that stabilizes enlightened regimes and advances democratic values, but utter disorder.
These conflicts were certainly present in 2010, but they have intensified in the years since Saleh's ouster and the continued erosion of the central government's ability to impose an alternative order.
For the critical political economist brought up on Marx's dismissal of Proudhon there is a good argument for the sophistication of Proudhon's political economy, and a clear statement of the radical nature of his federal alternative order; while for the IR scholar there is a handy summary and analysis of Proudhon's approach to both war and the problem of global order.
Just as order is constituted and maintained by a powerful state, historically, erosion of the system is the result of conflict stemming from the emergence of a power block which has different values and is in favor of an alternative order. Today, despite the dispersed nature of power in the international system, an alternative formation which challenges the USA has not yet appeared, and other Western actors such as Japan and China are seen as satisfied with the current system in various regards.
Her thoughts will challenge you to question and rethink your assumptions, and she'll offer an elusive yet meaningful alternative order to the dubious skepticism you carry around.
Mary hoped for "an alternative order that can collapse the boundaries between the domestic and the cerebral." Come again?

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