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Such statement was strongly criticised by alternative news media and some foreign officials.
The French group also condemned the recent online attack on Kodao, an alternative news outfit known for its coverage of human rights issues and the government's shelved peace talks with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP).
net, I have watched as this obsession with "fake news" has turned into an attack on alternative news and alternative news organizations.
Until the OSTP is adequately staffed and the director position is filled by a qualified, objective scientist who understands the difference between alternative news peddled on alt-right websites and legitimate well-vetted scientific facts, we fear that you will continue to be vulnerable to misinformation and fake news," the congressmen wrote.
After the beating, Al-Yameen apparently didn't report the crime , the alternative news site EgyptianStreets.
and international journalists working for everything from small weekly alternative news publications to large multi-national magazines and television networks.
Prensa Latina was founded in 1959 shortly after the Cuban Revolution and its goal embodied in disseminating propaganda for the government and providing an alternative news source of the international topics and events instead of the US main media outlets.
According to Alternative News (AIC), the company also cancelled a 'Twitter party' due to be held last week after Palestine solidarity activists planned to crash the party and disrupt proceedings.
The project will help develop online media outlets and alternative news sources, which will include citizen reporting via social media and give voice to those who often go unheard in BiH, such as women, youth, and minorities.
Long lines are reportedly observed in exchange offices in Turkmenistan after people rushed to buy US dollars, reports the Alternative News of Turkmenistan.
Watching Russell Brand's alternative news channel The Trews on YouTube.
As of Saturday, no major news networks have picked up the story although many other alternative news websites have been carrying the story and it has been widely circulated on social media.
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