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Those shows will join what Fleischmann described as the station s alternative news sources.
The VVM sites, which provide award-winning alternative news and information, art & entertainment listings, and classified ads directed at urban youth aged 18 to 35, represent a unique opportunity for marketers to interact with this otherwise hard-to-reach group of active consumers.
com to emphasize alternative news that typically, does not receive coverage in mainstream media.
The interview shows the true power and nature of the alternative news community, and Russell 'would like to believe' that his mounting success can be attributed to his views that coincide with the alternative media and a public that is hungry to deviate from the mainstream media networks.
The move is clearly part of a plot orchestrated by the West to silence the voice of the alternative news network, and has prompted Press TV to file a lawsuit against the decision.
Prensa Latina was founded in 1959 shortly after the Cuban Revolution and its goal embodied in disseminating propaganda for the government and providing an alternative news source of the international topics and events instead of the US main media outlets.
According to Alternative News (AIC), the company also cancelled a 'Twitter party' due to be held last week after Palestine solidarity activists planned to crash the party and disrupt proceedings.
McCracken's comments came following the release of an ICM Research poll conducted exclusively for Sputnik, revealing that a total of 60 percent of European and US citizens surveyed wanted to receive information on global events from alternative news sources.
The project will help develop online media outlets and alternative news sources, which will include citizen reporting via social media and give voice to those who often go unheard in BiH, such as women, youth, and minorities.
Questions will be addressed by experts of all ages and backgrounds from academia, government, independent research organizations and alternative news media shut out of public discourse.
Long lines are reportedly observed in exchange offices in Turkmenistan after people rushed to buy US dollars, reports the Alternative News of Turkmenistan.
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