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Similarly, the articles of a special issue of Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism together recognize, according to Atton (2003), "that alternative journalism is practised in a multiplicity of hybridized, content-specific and contingent ways" (p.
To me it is alternative journalism that tends to look beyond the obvious or beyond what is reported.
There are others, such as Raseef22, an alternative journalism plat- form.
The minorities can develop an alternative journalism which is different from the mainstream media in order to raise their concerns at the community level.
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The final section is a summary of alternative journalism today and the future of oppositional reporting.
Alternative journalism is not in a position to really challenge the news industry.
Alternative journalism challenges the rules and routines of normalized and professionalized practices.
That the Western model continues to dominate worldwide and to be recognised by the United Nations as the primary journalism model to be propagated in developing countries is evidenced by the 2007 UNESCO model journalism curricula, which fails to mention development journalism or any other alternative journalism models in defending and advocating for the new Western-based model they propose.
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