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While demand for allotments has waxed and waned over the years, there's currently a growing interest in reconnecting with the land and producing low-cost healthy food.
On some Liverpool allotments, the waiting list can be as long as 18 months - but each allotment is different and it might be the case that you get one much quicker.
CDA has issued notification regarding restoration of allotments of plots and constituted the committee comprising officials of Land, Estate, Finance and Planing for implementation of transparency in this regard.
Temporary inspector Chris Stoddart from Thornaby Neighbourhood Policing Team, who is leading the operation, said: "Theft, burglary and criminal damage are continuing problems at allotments and our assistance in handing out free padlocks and alarms gives officers and cadets the opportunity to improve awareness amongst allotment holders of the vulnerabilities the allotment sites have.
SOME while ago the Echo reported that in the new Local Development Plan proposals there was provision for a 40-plot allotment in the central Cardiff area.
Matthew Hall, above, wants to hear from people who run allotments in Newcastle
National Allotment Week is calling for school pupils to be taken on visits to allotments but it is also asking owners of allotments to open them to the public for the week so you and your family can go along and find out first hand what it's all about.
In January 2014, the department published allotment disposal guidance: safeguards and alternatives replacing the previous guidance from 2002.
Officers in Chester-le-Street are hoping to sign up members from all 24 allotment associations in the area to the Allotment Watch scheme.
Reports vary as to how many allotments there are in the UK, with estimates ranging from 150,000 to 300,000.
But Coun James McKay, in charge of the city's allotments, said the authority had no choice but to pass more of the burden for their maintenance to plot holders.
There is perhaps less from the perspective of plot holders themselves, although this is partly because relevant sources are hard to come by, and the attractive photographs of contemporary allotments and their holders do go some way to make up for this.