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The Alliance has replaced its head, Sonia Hernandez, with former LAUSD principal Howard Lappin of Northridge, who was credited with transforming Foshay Learning Center into an inner-city success story.
Less than 24 hours after the World Trade Center and Pentagon were hit, the NATO Alliance, for the first time in history, invoked Article 5 - the collective defense provision of the 1949 NATO Treaty.
The first question is whether the alliance is flying where I want to go.
Each member of an alliance should be careful not to train the other member so well that its management knows the business and no longer needs the partner, he said.
The specific incentive to form an alliance in Minnesota was the state's new Senior Health Options plan, which in essence pulls together all Medicaid/Medicare long-term care funding into a managed care capitation, under contract with HMOs and horizontal provider groupings called Community Integrated Service Networks (CISNs).
We anticipate our first product from the alliance in the mid-1990s.
Typical issues involve control, the shifting balance of power within an alliance, and the fear of losing competitive advantage.
Independent alliance associations are a formal to informal mix of CPAs and/or other professionals that cross-refer clients or solve other service problems for them.
Nursing Homes managing editor Laura Bruck spoke with Schutt about the formation and operation of the Alliance and what such an arrangement means to its member agencies and the recipients of the services they provide.