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We are drilling low-cost, highly productive wells that generate high rates of return as a result of a low all-in cost structure of approximately $19 per barrel.
Please contact the Lending Desk or your Regional Account Manager if you have any questions on factoring the favorable impact the above-market dividend has on FHLBank advance rates and for ideas about how to compare the all-in cost to various deposit pricing strategies and brokered deposit funding options.
Also, the all-in cost of funds of the class A and B notes only, including transaction costs, is approximately 5.4% which is a 150-basis point improvement over the 6.9% all-in cost of funds, including transaction costs, for the class A and B notes issued in Conn's October 2016 securitisation transaction.
This drop has led to an all-in cost on a per-mile basis nearly equal to last year's."
"This is about going back to basics and what our customers want, since they look at all-in cost when making freight decisions.
"Platinum's marginal cost of production is about $1,200, and that's just where platinum is right now; the all-in cost of production is much higher," he says.
The all-in cost of a full-time, direct care hospital registered nurse in the United States averages $98,000 a year, or $45 an hour, KPMG LLP reports.
That will be the all-in cost from Monday for a frame, from a choice of 12, plus lenses and a free eye test.
If you plan to visit IMAX, Thinktank and take in the digital planetarium then the all-in cost will be just pounds 14.55 for adults and pounds 10.85 for children.
Carlton engineered a capital structure that included senior financing (with a B-note) and preferred equity financing at an extremely attractive all-in cost and leverage level for the Borrower.
Let's assume a company issues 10-year debt with a 2-year put/call reset that normally would have carried a 6.6 percent yield for an all-in cost of 6.0 percent.