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But it doesn't exactly call on Nusra to formally break with their Al Qaeda leaders.
He said that the Al Qaeda leader entered Balochistan from Afghanistan some eight to 10 months ago.
From public statements and a close study of the growth and spread of al Qaeda, it is clear that two issues are preventing the United States from developing an effective response to the organization's resurgence.
Zawahiri, his longtime lieutenant, has managed to stay in charge of the disparate Al Qaeda enterprise, but he did not inherit bin Laden's moral authority, and has been viewed less as Al Qaeda's commander, and more as its ideological commissar.
After the 9/11 attacks, according to Watts, Al Qaeda transitioned as a result of being hunted by American forces.
Al Qaeda documents have disclosed that both Osama bin Laden and the current Al Qaeda leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, primarily emphasized guerrilla campaigns to overthrow apostate governments in the Middle East.
When the SEALs raided bin Laden's compound, they found evidence of Al-Rahman's deep involvement in running Al Qaeda.
At the same time, al-Jazeera's portrayal or Al Qaeda began to shift.
In the past eight months 149 people linked to al Qaeda were arrested, among them were 124 Saudis and 25 were from other nationalities," Mansour Turki told reporters at a news conference.
Saudi Arabia fears that instability in its populous neighbour will allow al Qaeda militants to use safe havens there for attacks on the world's biggest oil exporter.
All in all, this book provides a concise yet comprehensive coverage of al Qaeda and its key leader, OBL.
policies, al Qaeda has failed to make the transition to a popular insurgency or win any permanent gains as a result of its conceptual, organizational, and material shortcomings.