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A rhetoric and political struggle for/against environmental governance policies are especially vivid in the Brazilian Congress where lobbies for agrobusiness have gained power in the previous decade.
AMA Agricultural Industries was among the agrobusiness sites Shelly visited in December, 2012, while touring Israel.
In the second case, agrobusiness entered Mexico's traditional corn production and wrecked havoc culturally as well as economically (SourceMex, Sept.
A producao de flores tropicais de corte e uma atividade que vem ganhando destaque no "agrobusiness", tornandose alternativa de investimento tanto para produtores que se utilizam de altas tecnologias como extrativistas da regiao amazonica que trabalham com a exploracao sustentavel da floresta.
Please, indicate in which of the following industries your firm operates: (a) agrobusiness and silviculture (b) public services (c) information and communication (d) engineering and R&D (e) other services (f) extractive industry (g) low technology industry (h) medium-low technology industry (i) medium-high technology industry (j) high technology industry 11.
So wird die Vulnerabilitat von Kleinbauern und--bauerinnen in vielen Regionen Lateinamerikas weniger durch veranderte Niederschlagsmuster und Temperaturen bestimmt als in erster Linie durch die kolonial gepragten ungleichen Landbesitzverhaltnisse sowie eine Agrarpolitik, die sich der Exportforderung und dem Agrobusiness verschrieben hat (Dietz 2011, S.
Conserving Nature (IUCN) and the International Center for Agrobusiness Research and Education (ICARE) say that illegal felling in
The group called for policies aimed at protecting native seeds, which are being swapped throughout the region for genetically engineered seeds patented and sold by large agrobusiness multinationals.
The tobacco industry in Argentina has gone through four distinct historical moments: a) craft production between 1580 and 1895, b) the importing industry craft production between 1895 and 1930, c) national tobacco agrobusiness between 1930 and 1965 and d) agroindustrial complex transnational tobacco from 1965 onwards.
(*) Mimoza Koka, Phd is at the Tirana Agricultural University, Agrobusiness and Economy Faculty, Kamez.