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Under King Otho the revenues of the State were five millions of dollars--raised from a tax of one-tenth of all the agricultural products of the land (which tenth the farmer had to bring to the royal granaries on pack-mules any distance not exceeding six leagues) and from extravagant taxes on trade and commerce.
His father, John Shakspere, who was a general dealer in agricultural products and other commodities, was one of the chief citizens of the village, and during his son's childhood was chosen an alderman and shortly after mayor, as we should call it.
He added that the value of exported agricultural products accounted for $4.
BEIRUT: Public Health Minister Wael Abu Faour fired a warning Friday in response to the agriculture minister's defense of the decision to lift a ban on previously prohibited agricultural products.
To achieve such an indicator is planned mainly due to the implementation of priority investment projects for the development of the agro-industrial complex, activities in the framework of the state program to support agriculture and through import substitution of agricultural products.
The agricultural products were placed in 70 containers while the tiles were in 80 containers.
By organizing the yards, the Ministry aims to improve local marketing of Qatari agricultural products and provide fresh national products at prices lower than those in the market.
According to the State Statistical Office, the purchase of agricultural products from individual producers increased by 65.
Taking CNKI as the database, it finds a total of 439 papers through the retrieval of agricultural products e-commerce by the end of 2015.
The union's president and board members called for compensating farmers for losses they incurred due to the frost spell, and facilitating the process of exporting agricultural products.
Chairing, Thursday, the regional committee for price control in the governorate of Ariana, the Trade Minister said that the first discussions will start with the European side to look at ways to liberalize the services sector and facilitate the access of domestic agricultural products to the European market, with a view to improving the trade balance and boosting the Tunisian economy.
The most important approach of the company was to increase the efficiency of the production of industrial and agricultural products through decreasing the loss and prevention of waste of financial and energy sources.

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