Aggressive growth mutual fund

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Aggressive growth mutual fund

A mutual fund designed for maximum capital appreciation that places its money in companies with high growth rates.

Aggressive Growth Mutual Fund

A mutual fund that invests primarily or exclusively in high-risk, high-return securities. They may invest in IPOs and quickly re-sell; they also commonly invest in options. Very little of the income from an aggressive growth mutual fund comes from dividends; rather, most of its earnings come from capital appreciation. They have a high degree of volatility, and tend to correlate highly with stock market performance; that is, they do well when stock markets do well and poorly otherwise. Some analysts believe that while aggressive growth mutual funds correlate in this way, they do so more strongly, meaning that their values increase and decrease more steeply than stock markets as a whole.
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Department of Commerce and Investment Company Institute Table 2: Classifications of Mutual Funds Aggressive growth funds invest in common stocks of new companies that promise large returns, usually from high price appreciation, but entail substantial risk.
Most firms offer a choice of mutual funds ranging from aggressive growth funds to fixed-income investments.
At the top of the risk/reward ladder are aggressive growth funds (once known as "go-go" funds).
In February, the latest month for which complete data are available, investors put 24 percent less into aggressive growth funds than they did in May, when speculative stocks were peaking.
HCM is also the adviser to the HighMark Funds, a nationally recognized fund company offering a wide range of mutual funds from conservative money market funds to more aggressive growth funds, including asset allocation portfolios.
Aggressive growth funds are a spicier version of growth funds.
They said that investors recently favored money-market funds, which invest in short-term cash instruments, over stock funds, particularly the volatile aggressive growth funds that were wildly popular earlier this year.
With a second screen, we fished out aggressive growth funds that could add spark to a portfolio.
which estimates cash flows twice a week, reported that in the most recent period, aggressive growth funds not only experienced a reversal, with more money flowing out than in, but that this was the largest outflow in the company's records, which date back to April 1994.
According to two groups that track mutual fund cash flows, the move back toward aggressive growth funds, which offer investors the highest potential rewards but come with a greater degree of volatility and risk of loss, reverses a trend in evidence through the last half of last year.

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