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The prosecution suspects Lee received hundreds of millions of won (hundreds of thousands of dollars) in agency funds from Won in early 2011 amid mounting criticism over his incompetence, after NIS officials, who attempted to secretly obtain confidential data from an Indonesian presidential delegation, had their cover blown.
However, other issues were listed in the petition - the most troubling being the misuse of public Urban Renewal Agency funds.
The agency funds diagnoses of selected companies and if necessary finances up to 80% of the cost of training.
The Skills Funding Agency funds and regulates adult further education and skills training in England.
No agency funds shall be used "to disseminate scientific information that is deliberately false or misleading," the statute commands.
It's a condition for the district to receive assistance during an emergency and receive Federal Emergency Management Agency funds after an emergency.
The plan was funded by Federal Emergency Management Agency funds, money from the Port Authority budget and insurance proceeds.
For example, in an embezzlement case, the investigator would need to examine bank records and interview bank tellers to prove that the suspect converted agency funds to personal use.
Only in rare cases when a recipient government serves solely as a cash conduit--that is, it has no administrative or direct financial involvement in the program--would grants be reported in agency funds (which recognize only increases and decreases in cash, not revenues and expenditures).
Kim, a former NIS official in charge of managing agency funds, reportedly told the prosecution that he had a one-on-one debriefing with the then president in 2008 to inform him that he gave money to Kim Paik-joon, the former presidential secretary for general affairs under Lee.
The city approved $783,000 in Community Redevelopment Agency funds, final installment needed to fix the 46-year-old Lanark Park pool.

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