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In the study, health expenditure as a share of gross domestic product was the dependent variable while gross domestic product per capita, percentage of total population covered by public and private insurance, out-of-pocket health expenditure as percentage of total expenditure on health, age dependency ratio, life expectancy at birth, number of hospitals per million population, number of physicians per 1000 population/head counts, pharmaceutical sales and perceived health status were designated as independent variables.
There is a clear age dependency, with younger age groups (18-39) far more optimistic about a positive change in their standard of living than those over 60, of which two thirds expect no change.
We know that because of low fertility rates, rising life expectancies and the aging of the baby boom, Canada's Old Age Dependency Ratio is rising.
The young age dependency ratio is projected to slightly increase to 25% in 2060 from 24% in 2015, while the old age dependency ratio is expected to extensively rise up to 53.
2) Identifying the role of intrinsic plasticity for network reconfigurations in the resting state and its age dependency.
It builds on the existing literature on the factors that influence the life insurance consumption and finds that Morocco's life insurance demand, to a large extent, can be explained by four important variables that are financial development, health care expenditures, population and age dependency ratio.
Though the Netherlands made it into the top 5, questions remain in regards to the sustainability of the Dutch welfare state and pension system given negative demographic projections and an increasing old age dependency ratio.
In the 1960s population growth rates in the East Asian region began decelerating the working age population began expanding and the age dependency ratio went down sharply.
The age dependency ratio for those of working age, whether they have a job or not, stands at 2.
6) with age dependency, share of young population, healthcare spending per capita, and economic freedom.
Academic estimates indicate that a one percentage point (pp) rise in the old age dependency ratio (the ratio of population aged 65+ to the population 15-64) will lead to a 0.
4% of the population, bringing the country's age dependency ratio to 55.