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Control person

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Control Person

An important person in a corporation. Control persons include senior managers, members of the board of directors, and officers such as the CEO and CFO. Control persons are able to use both their authority and their influence to make decisions on the corporation's activities. A control person is also called an affiliated person.
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control person

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For the purpose of recreation for different stalls including the handmade products of the social welfare department affiliated persons will be put on display in the festival.
The licenses registered under the names of affiliated persons and relatives were sold out to various companies, he said.
Make a good faith effort to obtain and be open for title insurance business from all sources, not just business from affiliated persons, including actively competing in the marketplace.
"They also provide everything necessary for the preparation of overvalued projects and its approval by affiliated persons to the relevant governing bodies," Stremy told The Slovak Spectator.Death of a journalistKuciak's investigation into the allocation of EU funds in agriculture is likely the reason why the investigative journalist of the Aktuality.
Registration is $35.00 for SHRM SWFL affiliated persons; $50 per non-SHRM SWFL affiliated.
directly or indirectly, through one or more affiliated persons" in certain activities, including any of the following:
Independent members of Cherkizovo Board have approved the proposed acquisition by Cherkizovo Group's company of 100% participation share in the charter capital of NAPKO from affiliated persons.
According to art.7 index 5 section 26 letter c and d of the Fiscal Code (Law 277/2015 as amended) it is considered that a legal entity is affiliated with another person if at least it holds, directly or indirectly, including the holdings of affiliated persons, at least 25 % of the value / number of shares or voting rights to another legal entity or if effectively controls that legal entity or another legal entity affiliated with another legal entity if a person owns it, directly or indirectly, including the holdings of the affiliated persons, at least 25% of the value / number of shares or voting rights to another legal entity or if it effectively controls that legal entity.
Approximately 137 of the cross-trades were between AINA's registered investment company clients and other AINA clients who were affiliated persons of a RIC or affiliated persons of an affiliated person of a RIC, including insurance companies owned by AINA's parent company, Aviva plc, and pooled vehicles not owned by AINA or its parent.
The UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution on Thursday obliging countries to curb financing and providing any other support for the ISIL, Al-Qaeda and affiliated persons, groups, enterprises and organizations.
AFTER serving for 19 years in the higher judiciary, of which nine months were spent as the CJI, Justice Palanisamy Sathasivam feels the Centre and the state governments are to be equally blamed if they felt that corrupt and politically affiliated persons are making their way into the higher judiciary.
A A Bin Hindi family's affiliated persons also had the right to representation.-TradeArabia News Service

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