Affiliated corporation

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Affiliated corporation

A corporation that is an affiliate to the parent company.

Affiliated Corporation

A corporation of which another company owns a significant percentage, but not a majority, of its shares. This gives the company a great deal of influence, but not outright control, of the affiliated corporation. See also: Subsidiary, Parent company.
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CEP cases involve very large, complex, affiliated corporations audited by an IRS team; these are high-profile, large-dollar cases.
30, 1996, the Company closed on the acquisition of three affiliated corporations, C.
The error arose from a breakdown of communication and lack of knowledge of the rules governing ownership of affiliated corporations.
New York (AST) and its affiliated corporations regarding the sale of
Revenues for the year ended December 31, 1995, before its share of the loss in affiliated corporations increased to $3,083,232 compared with $1,459,056 in 1994.
1502-75(d)(3), a reverse acquisition results in the termination of the acquiring group of affiliated corporations (known as the old group) and the continuation of the target corporation's affiliated group.
Stock of non-includible affiliated corporations (as defined under Sec.
The transaction was effected through the merger today of 12 wholly owned subsidiaries of Standish into 12 CareMatrix affiliated corporations controlled by Abraham D.
Tax base/participation in group returns: Consolidated, combined and unitary combined filing groups of affiliated corporations might be disturbed if one of the members of the Federal affiliated or consolidated group is classified and taxed as a separate corporation or partnership at the state or local level.
The agency attorneys and other affiliated corporations breached the duty of care owed to each of the prospective adoptive parents, including the duty to be aware of the availability of prospective adoptive children, to know and accurately represent the financial condition of the adoption agencies and to understand the duty to understand the nature of the expectations of the prospective adoptive parents.
all affiliated corporations, provide mobile x-ray and EKG services in the states of Louisiana and Alabama.
The actual gaming activities are operated by affiliated corporations.

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