Affiliated corporation

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Affiliated corporation

A corporation that is an affiliate to the parent company.

Affiliated Corporation

A corporation of which another company owns a significant percentage, but not a majority, of its shares. This gives the company a great deal of influence, but not outright control, of the affiliated corporation. See also: Subsidiary, Parent company.
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The new law requires financial institutions to get permission from customers before sharing information, such as a customer's bank balance or spending habits, with a non affiliated company.
This result would be accomplished by according the contractor a tax deduction for such payments only if the affiliated company files a Maryland income tax return and pays Maryland income tax under a formula reasonably apportioning the affiliated company's income to Maryland.
In a recent accounting method change request, several members of the IRS National Office articulated that a taxpayer who at times uses an affiliated company or an independent contractor to actually perform the service would not be permitted to defer the recognition of advance payments (assuming all other conditions of Rev.

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