Advisory letter

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Advisory letter

A newsletter offering financial advice to its readers.

Advisory Letter

A newsletter offering financial advice to readers or subscribers. An advisory letter may be broad by discussing macroeconomic trends, or it may offer specific advice on particular sectors of certain markets. If an advisory letter offers advice on specific securities, the author(s) are normally registered investment advisors with the SEC, and investors should exercise caution if they are not.
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Bartel has published Stock Market Advisory Letters for 30 years, including the low price stocks newsletter, The Bonanza Report, New Issue Digest and USA Financial News.
The education, engagement and enforcement campaign, which targeted six hotpots throughout the county, saw more than 2,800 people targeted by education programmes and resulted in 31 fixed penalty notices, 29 advisory letters and a further 13 ongoing investigations being issued after litter louts were caught out.
It has suggested in advisory letters that an employer may ask the following two questions and avoid charges of citizenship discrimination:
More than 140 advisory letters were also sent out to the owners of untidy properties and three for those who allowed dogs to stray.
Advisory letters were sent to 13 of the motorists In Turnberry Way 49 vehicles passed during the 55 minute speedwatch campaign - eight of them 8 of which exceeded the 30mph speed limit.
If improper conduct on the part of lawyers is involved, the Legal Aid Department will also take appropriate actions, including issuing advisory letters to the lawyers concerned, placing their names on the Record of Unsatisfactory Performance & Conduct, removing their names from the Legal Aid Panel, as well as referring the cases to the relevant legal professional bodies for follow-up actions.
Major Shabbir Sharif used to write advisory letters to Bobby, "You have to fight your own war.
Since 2002, the board investigated 12 complaints, issued at least four advisory letters and/or formal reprimands, and entered into a 2006 consent decree with the company.
The MBP investigated a dozen additional complaints, issued four advisory letters and reprimands, and entered into a consent agreement with NECC to resolve numerous problems related to the misfiling of prescriptions and problems with drug potency and sterility that had previously led to patient infections.
Customers were told they would receive advisory letters for refunds.
Drivers at depots throughout the UK found gates locked in the wake of the collapse of the Tamworthbased travel group, while customers were told they would receive advisory letters for refunds.
2011-49, issued October 5, 2011, the IRS updated the procedures for sponsors and practitioners to request opinion and advisory letters regarding qualification under Secs.

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