advisory account

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Advisory Account

A brokerage account in which a broker can only make limited investment decisions without consulting the investor. Such decisions must be made in accordance with the customer's stated investment goals. This contrasts with a discretionary account, which gives the broker more independence.

advisory account

A brokerage account in which the broker may make limited investment decisions without consulting the customer. Securities traded in the account are confined to those that meet the customer's investment goals. Compare discretionary account.
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The AEM Advisory Fund was the first step APB Mason Sterling has taken forward to satisfy the increasing client demand to gain access to niche and developing markets and secondary market opportunities.
KARACHI -- On 10th Anniversary of i-Care, Pakistan's first Donor Advisory Fund supporting 100 charities celebrated its decade long service to the nation by recognizing the contributions of its six partner charities.
Before joining NYLIM, Mizutori was the chief portfolio manager of the advisory fund management department at Nomura Asset Management Company, Limited (NYSE: NMR) (TYO: 8604) (AMS: 8604), responsible for the investment advisory business for institutional clients.
By the middle of November, commodity trading advisory funds tracked by Credit Suisse prime services had dropped 1.5 percent on the month, owing to the losses in energy futures and the increased volatility.
The strategy of focusing on our discretionary service while completing the remaining reviews of advisory services is reflected in the ongoing organic growth in discretionary funds and net outflows from advisory funds.

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