Advertising Standards Authority

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Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)

a body which regulates (on a ‘voluntary’ basis) the UK ADVERTISING industry. The ASA administers the British Code of Advertising Practice which aims to ensure that ADVERTISEMENTS provide a fair, honest and unambiguous representation of the products they promote, including the wording of, and impressions conveyed by ADVERTISING COPY. The ASA gives guidance to advertisers on whether a proposed advertisement would be regarded as acceptable, and deals with complaints from the general public about cases of allegedly untruthful, misleading or offensive advertisements.

Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)

a body that regulates the UK ADVERTISING industry to ensure that ADVERTISEMENTS provide a fair, honest and unambiguous representation of the products they promote.
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The Advertising Standards Agency said that unless Tudor House School in Hall Green could provide evidence to substantiate the claim, then it should be withdrawn.
Mrs Hill said the advertising standards agency stated "no call-out charge" meant there should not be a fee if work was not done.
The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA), the industry watchdog, yesterday upheld a complaint about the advert which read: "The UK's best network?
After a social media backlash and 45 complaints sent to the Advertising Standards Agency within hours, the company said it would remove them.
Yep, following a whopping 11 complaints to the Advertising Standards Agency, the advert was banned for promoting bad eating habits to children.
However, the Advertising Standards Agency recently upheld a complaint against e-cigarette company Nicolites for declaring the devices harmless on its website.
The Advertising Standards Agency launched an investigation after receiving a complaint that the complex promoted itself as "officially Britain's Best shopping centre" in a TV ad.
Spearmint Rhino, which has a flagship nightspot on Hagley Road in Birmingham, was criticised by the Advertising Standards Agency for running a "Back To School" campaign.
An Advertising Standards Agency report said that a woman had complained that the ad was offensive.
The 2000 Yves Saint Laurent billboard in which a naked Sophie posed suggestively was banned by the Advertising Standards Agency after it received hundreds of complaints.
The Advertising Standards Agency received 12 complaints from viewers who said it was misleading to suggest that Iggy Pop had insurance with Swiftcover.
We have the Advertising Standards Agency in place to govern advertising.

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