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sales promotion

the measures used by firms alongside other elements of the PROMOTIONAL MIX (advertising, personal selling etc.) to increase the SALES of their products.

In the case of CONSUMER GOODS, while ADVERTISING seeks to develop and sustain sales by creating BRAND LOYALTY over the long run, sales promotions are largely used in short, sharp bursts to support, for example, the introduction of a new brand, to renew interest in a product whose sales have fallen and, periodically, to stimulate extra demand for a well-established brand. A variety of techniques are used for these purposes, including: free-trial samples, money-off packs, ‘two-for-the-price-of-one’ offers, extra quantities for the same price, product competitions offering prizes, coupons offering gifts, trading stamps, in-store demonstrations, point-of-sale displays, etc.

These methods can succeed only if the product being promoted is widely available for consumers to buy, so that it is important also to encourage retailers to stock it. This is done using various trade promotions including special cash offers on purchases, free extra quantities, gifts and prizes.

In the case of industrial products, trade fairs, exhibitions and demonstrations are used to back up the most commonly used mode, PERSONAL SELLING. See MERCHANDISING, PACKAGING.

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Soon afterward he became one of the youngest advertising sales managers at WVON, a radio station which was owned by Leonard Chess of Chess Records, a renowned blues music label at the time.
Ray Capel, 42, an advertising sales manager from Paddington, West London, will do anything for his eight-year-old Doberman, Kimber.
under the leadership of Executive Produeer Linda Johnson Rice, Senior Produeer Yevette Lewis Brown, Producer Ava edom, Vice President of Sales and Syndication Ozzie Bruno, and National Advertising Sales Manager Lillian Cartwright.
Plus, part-time model Linford, 25, meets 29-year-old advertising sales manager Xanthi from London, and coffee shop manager Oliver hopes for romance with personal assistant Loren.
He's the advertising sales manager at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, where a tech-savvy sales force has become increasingly important.
He has been interim advertising director since January and, prior to that, advertising sales manager and classified advertising manager.
com)-- White Digital Media, a leading digital business media source for C-level executives around the world, hired Advertising Sales Manager Jon Tresko to help establish their growing global ad network.
The 26-year-old, who worked as an advertising sales manager before The Apprentice, says: "I really enjoyed the creative side of the tasks and I loved the TV presenting task, so I'd like to explore that.
Dolben, an advertising sales manager of Tan y Maes, Prestatyn, was given a four-month prison sentence suspended for 12 months and banned from driving for three years.
Advertising on cable networks such as TNN, HGTV and Discovery isn't a new phenomenon, though it is a growing venue, said Bill Burgess, advertising sales manager at Comcast in Little Rock.
In Illinois, Chris Streuli has been named advertising sales manager for USA Today in Chicago.
That's the kind of character and determination needed to succeed as a part- time football club manager as well as holding down a high-pressure job as Scottish advertising sales manager for Golf Monthly magazine.

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